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I really believe everything amazing that we’ve created in the world begins in the imagination.

Watch this video my mentor Bob Proctor put together – it says it all….

In summary Bob Says

“Unfortunately, well-meaning adults may have stifled your imagination and creativity when you were a young child. Your parents or teachers may have told you to pay attention like they did to me. Or maybe they said you’d never be a lawyer, singer, entrepreneur, or whatever it was that you longed to be.

You were a child so you obeyed them and believed what they said. And you learned to let your dreams go. But now you know better and you can go beyond them.

You see, you’re divinely guided by Spirit at all times and Spirit is perfect. It makes no mistakes. When you have a strong desire to express or create something, know that the feeling is divine discontent. There is something in you that wants to grow.

When a big idea comes to mind, you have the choice of keeping it alive by letting your imagination flow, or dismissing it and remaining stuck in fear. Trusting the perfection that resides within you is the key.

NEVER say or think you’re too old for anything. I’m in my 80s and I am setting new goals that stretch me all the time. I love to learn and do things I’ve never experienced. And I almost always achieve each goal. And do you know what I do to get there? I use my marvelous imagination! I see myself reaching the goal.

As adults we tend to let complacency, security, and boredom set in. But not kids. They have the instinct to fight boredom, and in that respect children are great actors. They’ll take the most mundane things and make them an adventure. They put some life into the ordinary.

Take a hint from your younger self and do some acting. Build an image of how you want to live. Then, act like the person you want to become. Like a child, you’ll be surprised and delighted by what happens.

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